This episode features another instalment of stories from the Stories We Don’t Tell monthly event. Recorded live in October, the event included personal stories from Stefan Hostetter, Tara Pearson, Brianne Benness, Erin Kang and Zoe Simpson.

Stories We Don’t Tell originated from Let’s Get Personal, a writing group started by Brianne. Every two weeks we share personal stories about our lives. After establishing a positive environment, we wondered if this could be brought to an audience. After attending many storytelling events around the city, we decided to start our own. For some behind-the-scenes information about the event, check out Episode 96. This was the first instalment of Stories We Don’t tell on the podcast and includes interviews with the storytellers where they explain how the event came about.

The stories cover a lot of ground, including exploring family history, understanding the past and personal experiences. This episode brings you right into the event and stay tuned for more from the Stories We Don’t Tell in the future.

If you would like to learn more about Stories We Don’t Tell and other projects, such as Misplaced Metrics and Datagasm: A Totally Relatable Quiz Show, visit the website:

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Stefan Hostetter: @Steho_

Tara Pearson: @TaraMarina

Brianne Benness: @bennessb

Erin Kang: @e_kangster

Zoe Simpson: @ZoJSimpson