The Open Kwong Dore Podcast is celebrating the amazing milestone of 100 episodes!

Pj and Paul started this podcast because they were interested and curious in what people do and why they do it. 100 interviews later, they’re so happy to have sat down with each and every guest and provide a place for them to share their stories. And what stories they have been!

For this very special episode, Pj and Paul each chose three interviews that resonated and connected to something happening in their own lives. This is by no means a ‘greatest hits retrospective’, as we have valued each of our guests equally. The episodes takes a short section from each of the ‘picks’ and introduces each person between segments. You have to listen to find out which six interviews were chosen!

Paul and Pj cannot thank their guests and listeners enough. This podcast has been such a revelatory experience for the hosts and they appreciate all the support  for the first 100 episodes. Here’s to another 100 episodes and more after that!

In this moment of retrospection, Paul and Pj encourage you to check out our Episode Guide to listen to our full archive.