Many skating fans will remember the smiling face from this photograph as Craig Buntin, a three-time Canadian national pair champion. To say that Pj has known Craig a long time is an understatement as they first met when he was still competing as Junior.

Pj wanted to interview Craig because she sees him as a serial entrepreneur. Craig started a coffee company not long after the 2006 Torino Olympics in an effort to discover what would come next in his life. As a business owner, he thought that if he was going to run a business, he needed to learn more about business, which led him to completing his MBA at McGill University in Montreal.

With his business education under his belt, he got the chance to sell his coffee company and figure out what would come next.

Enter Veriskate. This software forms the foundation of a new venture for Craig. Veriskate allows users to determine the qualities like speed in the entry and exit edges of jumps, height of a jump, how many revolutions per second in a spin and so on. Pj thinks it might be a game changer because it could take some of the mystery out of the quality of elements for everyone involved in figure skating: the skaters, the judges, the commentators, the fans and the coaches.

From a McGill information page: “Craig’s most recent project is VeriSkate, a software app that is used to analyze the movements of figure skaters: how high they jump or throw, the distance the move travels, the speed at which it travels, the flow, the ice coverage.”

If nothing else, this is a fascinating conversation that glides effortlessly through all of Craig’s life phases; on and off the ice. Look for some cool facts about some of the world’s best known skaters (Hint: He is Canadian and is taking a year off from skating and won 2 Silver Olympic medals in Sochi).

If you want more information about VeriSkate – you can be in touch via Twitter @veriskate and @CraigBuntin.