Carolyn Van is a very accomplished woman and is immersed in the world of startups, education, design, technology, leadership, digital communications, innovation and developing strong communities. She is a consultant in many areas including leadership advisory, where she has successfully educated and advised CEOs, senior level managers, software developers, recruiters, sales people and marketers. She also works in marketing strategy and execution, business strategy and operations, internal growth and professional development. Carolyn has also appeared on television for technology segments.

In March of this year, Carolyn’s life was turned upside down when she was diagnosed with Lymphoma cancer. She decided to write about her journey to help with the process she is going through.

Paul first heard Carolyn give a talk at an event called Follow Your Fear and was inspired by her story. This interview has a range of emotions, as Carolyn has an upbeat personality and a very contagious laugh, but at the same time, she is not afraid to talk about the struggles she has overcome.

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