‘the art or practice of taking and processing photographs.’

That definition of photography doesn’t begin to touch the magic that is created when talent and lens converge.

Pj has wanted to talk to a photographer for a long time. In her mind there is nothing that captures the imagination more than a photograph. Whether the image captures the heart of a story as it does so often in sport, or captures a moment for the viewer in which they can imagine a story for themselves, a picture truly can be worth a thousand words.

Peter Llewellyn has a rare talent for stopping time with his lens and creating the most memorable images.

Peter initially worked as a sports photographer for many of the British national newspapers, including the Daily Telegraph and the Times. From the late 1980s, Peter was based in France covering sport throughout Europe including covering many of the world’s top equestrian events with his wife Jean, a sports journalist specializing in horse sports (

Using the experience from shooting several Olympics, Peter worked for VANOC as Photo Manager at Whistler Olympic Park during the 2010 Vancouver Games. 2011 saw Peter back in the thick of the world of sports photography as Deputy Photo Manager for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London with Bob Martin, formerly of Sports Illustrated. Peter is currently working as the Photo Services Manager for the 2015 Pan American Games in Toronto and continues to shoot major sports event for USA Today Sports Pictures.

Peter is available for talks and slide shows to any interested groups in Ontario. Please e-mail with details of your organization.

Peter runs a series of photography workshops covering all aspects of both photography and photographic computer skills. Details of some exciting new workshops will be posted soon. You can also join Peter on one of his Photo Tours, traveling to various locations worldwide with small groups of photographers.

If you are in the Toronto area and want to attend one of his events – he will be at a Vistek-sponsored show on October 15 & 16, 2014. Check out the following website for details:

Peter can be reached via his website and on Twitter: @PeterLPhotos.