Rob Shirkey is a lawyer from Toronto, Canada. Prior to launching Our Horizon, Rob operated a private practice in downtown Toronto. He also has experience as an Assistant City Solicitor and Prosecutor. Before completing his law degree, Rob studied business, economics, and psychology at the undergraduate level. He graduated with distinction and was the university valedictorian. Rob’s goal in life is simple: when a kid asks him, “What did you do to stop climate change?” he just wants to be able to look that kid in the eye and honestly say he did everything he could.

Rob launched Our Horizon in 2013. Unlike many environmental organizations, Our Horizon does not solely blame industry. Their position is that we each share responsibility for this tragedy; indeed, it is the decisions that we each make on a daily basis that shape our collective reality and make such tragedies possible. When it comes to the big issues like climate change, the uncomfortable truth is that we are all responsible. It is only when we acknowledge our role in this unsustainable system that we will be able to take meaningful steps to create a much more desirable future.

Paul was excited to speak with Rob at the Centre for Social Innovation about Our Horizon, his personal reasons for starting the organization and how to tackle large environmental issues one step at a time.

To learn more about Our Horizon’s initiatives, including the campaign to put warning labels on gas pump nozzles, check out the links below.



Twitter: @OurHorizonOrg

Rob: @robshirkey

For more information on Our Horizon’s petition about putting climate change warning labels on gas pumps, click on this LINK.