Paul and Pj thought that there would be unmistakable parallels between the figure skating and ballet worlds but it was going to take the perspective of a ballet insider to bring that out.

Enter Lindsay Fischer.

Lindsay’s remarkable story starts in the United States where attending a performance of Die Fledermaus as a very young boy gave him the notion that he wanted to dance. His talent ultimately led him to the National Ballet School in Toronto where he completed high school and furthered his dance education. Lindsay’s next step was the world of professional dance starting in Portugal and moving on to the Dutch National and New York City ballet companies as a principal dancer.

His next phase professionally was as part of the artistic staff at the National Ballet School where he also developed and managed a program to assist young dancers in making the transition from school to professional dancer. More mentoring and teaching opportunities were in store for Lindsay: he became the Director of the Professional Summer Dance program in Banff in 2008; a program where dancers are nominated by their company to come and participate in an intensive 4 week professional development session followed by a one week session of performances. He has also assumed responsibility as the Artistic Director of the National Ballet’s outreach program called YOU Dance.

We are thrilled to present this podcast as a two-part interview with next week’s conversation focusing a lot of attention on YOU dance and Lindsay’s outstanding record as an inspiration and mentor to young dancers.

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