Salem with Robert DeNiro

What Pj didn’t know when she walked into an event recently for a high school friend’s book was that she would be running into former high school classmate and TV critic extraordinaire Rob Salem. That’s the cool thing about having a podcast, you have an excuse to catch a conversation with some of the world’s most interesting people and Rob Salem certainly qualifies.

Rob Salem’s bio for the Toronto Star, where he has enjoyed a 35+ year career, describes him this way: “Rob Salem, the Toronto Star’s television critic, describes his column as the print equivalent of inviting him into your home and handing over the remote control . . . without having to feed him.” Funny right?


Salem with Jerry Lewis

Pj found out that Rob is as candid (not to mention entertaining) about his own life as he is in the opinions he shares about TV and movies. That same candour can be seen in the blog he writes called Salem’s Lot which can be found here: If you want to follow him on Twitter he’s @robsalem and he has a wildly popular YouTube channel. Although we may know him best as a TV critic, he is also a writer, actor and frequent guest on radio and TV talking about all kinds of popular culture.

It suffices to say that Rob ‘knows people’ so to get the chance to hear about some of his many encounters with legends of the large and small screen is a rare and very entertaining treat.