Paul-Dore-Walking-ManThe Walking Man starts out lost in the deserts of Jordan. The novel explores the life of the main character – someone very similar to the author – and attempts to make sense of a tumultuous year. After the deterioration of his relationship, the unnamed main character turns the lens on himself in an attempt to understand why his life failed to measure up to the hopes and dreams of his younger self. Joining him on this journey is ninety-three year old Mary, an old family friend. She becomes the catalyst of change and soon they find themselves hitting the road, the man walking and Mary on her scooter. Based on many of the author’s own experiences, the work is a novel that mixes reality and fiction. The act of walking is the thread holding the story of heartbreak, friendship and understanding family history together. Each chapter pushes the story forward by including a walk undertaken during times of confusion, comedy, crisis and the desire to work out the internal self. An unusual and unforgettable duo, join them as they walk and roll towards understanding their friendship and the value of exchanging stories.

The Walking Man is the first novel by Paul Dore, yes, the same Paul that usually co-hosts and co-produces this podcast. Pj wanted to interview Paul about the publishing of the book, the innovative way it is being distributed through Iguana Books and his Pubslush campaign and to have a conversation from one writer to another. Paul and Pj decided to talk about The Walking Man while out for a walk. Seemed appropriate. Watch the introduction video for the campaign below.

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