The best thing about being involved with the skating community for Pj is the chance to get to know fans on a one to one basis. Ryan Stevens is just one of those people.

The best thing about Ryan Stevens is that he decided to return to figure skating as a writer. Ryan’s blog is a great source of information about past and present skaters. Ryan’s ability to capture the essence of the person in his interviews is first-rate.

As Pj and Ryan became friends via the internet, it occurred to Pj that Ryan would make a great podcast subject. Ryan agreed and the conversation was wonderful. The subjects ranged from skating and Ryan’s previous incarnation as a skater to his plans for a Salute to Canada theme for the month of July on his blog. Ryan was also willing to talk about another phase of his professional life when he was a drag queen.

If you want to know more about this very interesting and quite hilarious man you can follow him on Twitter @ohh_n and find him on Facebook at