Pj is lucky to have friendships that go back decades, like the one with Somatic psychotherapist Helen Croza, whom she’s known since being a teenager.

Helen started her career in the field of massage therapy a little over 30 years ago and it was there that she discovered that the relationship people had with their bodies was at the root of many problems. With a keen interest in healing, Helen was prompted to continue her education culminating in a Master’s degree.

Her practice is focused on life coaching, wellness and psychotherapy for her clients, the majority of whom are women. Helen is a sought after speaker and webinarist (Pj’s word for people who offer webinars! lol!).

From Helen’s website: “My passion and mission is to help women attain a healthier relationship with their body and themselves by addressing their Emotional Health; to support women in finding a kinder, more peaceful and compassionate way of being with themselves.”

That kind of attitude goes a long way to helping someone feel better about themselves.

For more information, visit her website www.helencroza.com and sign up for her no obligation newsletter. Helen can also be found on Twitter @HCroza and on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/healthcounsellingforwomen.