If clothes make the man (or woman) then that must go double for figure skaters. The people responsible for the ‘look’ that skaters appear in on the ice is the handiwork of Deanna Wright. Deanna’s professional life has meandered from teaching high school to creating fashion looks for children’s wear and, subsequently, uniform ensembles prior to coming home to figure skating. The intimate understanding of what makes a good skating costume has its roots in Deanna’s early life as a figure skater in a suburban Toronto club.

When Pj and Deanna first met it was in the halls of the Mississauga Skating Club where Pj was coaching and Deanna had been contracted to produce costumes for the annual ice show. It wasn’t long after that Deanna opened a retail store: DressWright on Ice, where she sold skating equipment, supplies and skating wear. Currently the majority of Deanna’s professional life is taken up by dressing choruses, whose membership can push over 100 people, and numerous Synchronized skating teams.  She is called on frequently to design outfits for competitive skaters and has also worked with marketing companies to bring their costumes to life. This is an interesting conversation in particular for anyone curious about the creative process of taking an idea from concept to sketchpad to skaters or singers in competition.

If you want more information go to www.dresswright.com or follow Deanna on Twitter at @DressWright.