Susie McGrigor is a well-known Canadian choreographer who worked with Paul as a skater and with Pj on the very first show number for breast cancer fundraising initiative Ice Nightmare.

Pj wanted to reconnect with her old friend because of her interesting and unique perspectives on figure skating, art, choreography and life.

Susie got her start on the ice in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Raised by a single mom who wanted to know where her daughter was after school, Susie fell in love with skating. Her talent led her to a stint on an ice show and then working professionally as an in-demand skating choreographer where she has worked with skaters in all disciplines including synchronized teams and shows.

This interview goes from funny to serious to thoughtful and back to funny. If you are interested in some skating insight then this conversation is for you. If you want to be in touch with Susie, drop us a note at contact @ and we’ll forward it to her.