There’s always something different going on here at the podcast. It’s the great advantage with this medium: the loose structure allows us to play with the format. Mello is our first return guest, but he came with the idea of turning the tables as he wanted to interview Paul. An intriguing idea, as Paul so enjoyed conversing with Mello that the dialogue has continued off the mics. Enjoy this episode with guest interviewer Mello Ayo where we talk about film and writing.

Mello Ayo is a poet and spoken word artist. Born in Jamaica, he currently lives in Toronto. Mello has published a poetry collection called Love Rhapsodies and Blues and released the album Water Carrier, which is based on After Dark: The Anatomy of a People’s Struggle. When listening and reading Mello’s words, one can’t help being carried away by his charisma, intelligence and the transformative power of his authentic voice. Mello writes with a respect for history while trying to understand how we can find hope in the future.

This episode is an extension of Mello’s earlier interview, which can be found by clicking on the link below:

Episode Forty-Four: Mello Ayo