When Pj arrived at the Wheelchair Curling venue she knew she would be working with Alexander Orlov as her Russian co-announcer. What she didn’t know was that he was as entrenched in curling as she is in figure skating. Warm, friendly and generous, he gave her insight into a sport she didn’t know much about. When Pj noticed that he spent every spare moment working on his computer, she wondered what else he was up to.

It turns out that Alexander, or Sasha as Pj called him, runs the biggest curling website in Russia. He has also turned his attention to selling curling products in an online store. Sasha doesn’t limit his interest in the sport to writing or selling curling products, he is also an athlete and national curling champion preparing for the World Championships representing Kazakhstan.

Pj was interested in speaking with Sasha to gain some insight into the life of a young entrepreneur in Russia.