Pj and choreographer to skating’s elite David Wilson have known each other for a very long time. Much of the time when they meet during skating season, it is to talk about the sport they both love. In this fascinating conversation, Pj gets David to talk about his life beyond the boards. A self-acknowledged shy person, David’s childhood was simultaneously filled with the love and support from his parents and the loathing and bullying of some of his classmates. He lays bare the pain and the triumph of a life filled with no regrets – actually only one regret and that was not learning the art of self-defence as a child. Pj’s conversation takes place in David’s home where he is nursing back to health his beloved dog Hunter who is on the comeback trail after having surgery to repair a herniated disc. Intelligent, gentle, warm and no pushover, David Wilson is an enigma and this conversation is fascinating whether or not you are a skating fan.