Cary West is a man of many talents: improv performer, teacher, actor, writer and director. A graduate of the training program at Second City and a member of Theatresports Toronto/Bad Dog Theatre, Cary also has a B.A. in Communications and Drama from the University of Windsor and a diploma in Theatre Arts from the Players Academy (Equity Showcase).

Cary is a working stage actor with credits in leading and strong supporting roles. He has studied and performed with some of the top improvisers in North America. Over the years, he has also studied classical theatre, voice and directing. He was nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award in 2001 for Best New Sketch Troupe (The Closet Primadonnas).

Cary is currently an instructor at Second City and Bad Dog Theatre. Teaching groups of all ages and backgrounds, his knowledge of all the major improvisation techniques taught in North America allow him to select the best from each and incorporate them into a workshop or performance to meet individual needs. Cary’s additional experience as a director and actor in film and television translate to an intuitive understanding of creating the right impression.

Paul was a student in one of Cary’s classes at Second City. Besides learning a tremendous amount, Paul wanted to dive deeper behind the many concepts that Cary spoke about in class. A fascinating talk about Cary’s background, the concepts behind improv and how they can be applied to situations outside of performing on a stage.

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