In 2002 at the ISU Four Continents’ Championships before the Olympic Games, Canadian bronze medallist Jeffrey Buttle headed to a small Korean city where he took his first major title. Although he was only an alternate for the Olympics in Salt Lake, the event in Korea was key in putting Buttle on the international figure skating map.

Pj wanted to interview Jeff and talk to him about the twists and turns his life has taken. From winning a World title in 2008 after an Olympic bronze medal in 2006, Jeff has been forging his own trail as a noteworthy show skater and choreographer.

He has the kind of big brain that would allow for him to do anything and in this lively conversation, the subjects run the gamut from skating to engineering to creativity and choreography. None of Jeff’s accomplishments have come without hard work and what makes this interview interesting is the candor with which he describes all of it.

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