Heather Neville is a certified Labour Doula and Childbirth Educator (CAPPA) based out of Cobourg and Toronto. She believes in birth and breastfeeding as opportunities for empowerment and her goal is to support women from all walks of life in having the most satisfying and empowering births possible. Heather provides support through the prenatal stage, during labour and into the postpartum period and helps women achieve their goals and experience their birth with calm and confidence. She teaches prenatal classes in private or group settings, including courses at Women’s College Hospital.

As a doula, Heather’s priorities are to enhance self-esteem, self-confidence and establish trust in the body’s natural abilities and instincts during birth. Support and prenatal education can both lead to a more empowering birth experience based on informed decisions, playing an active role and anticipating and experiencing birth with strength, joy and pride.

Paul enjoyed this fascinating conversation with Heather about how she became a doula, the role she plays during her client’s pregnancy, the many ways childbirth has been perceived by society and tons more information.

As Heather says, “Birth is natural. Birth is normal. Birth can be empowering.”

Connect with Heather:

Website and blog: labourdoula.com.

Facebook: facebook.com/HeatherNevilleDoula.

Twitter: @LabourDoula.