Jessica Tudos is an Olympic gymnast turned educator, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and Kika Creative Director. She has turned her experiences in gymnastics into the children’s story Kika the Upside Down Girl. With a Kickstarter campaign just completed to publish the book, Jessica is ready to share this story with the world.

The story revolves around the determined Kika, who seeks out others that embrace her passion for somersaults, vaults and flips. Kika’s passion leads her to The Gymnastics Emporium, a magical upside down place. For any child who has ever felt slightly “upside down” in a right side up world, Kika the Upside Down Girl will inspire them to find and cultivate their special talent in unique and adventurous ways, despite the pressure they may feel to conform.

Paul spoke to Jessica about her experiences representing Canada at the 1984 Olympic Games, her life after gymnastics, the Kickstarter campaign behind the publishing of the book and what’s next for Kika.

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