The Open Kwong Dore Podcast has interviewed a few people in the theatre world, but most of them have been performers. Daniel Bennett takes us behind the scenes of what it takes to mount a theatrical production. Majoring in neuroscience and psychology seems pretty far away from the theatre. Daniel was on the path to become a doctor, but during his studies, he continued to pursue his love of theatre outside of class time. After graduating, he decided to dive into theatre full time and has since worked as a choreographer, stage manager and director. In addition to these diverse roles, Daniel is now moving into producing.

Daniel believes the theatre – especially musical theatre – combines the skills he most enjoys: dance, music, performance, movement and singing. As he explains in this interview with Paul, Daniel is also interested in exploring the human condition and creating theatrical works that examine societal issues. Daniel talks about his different production roles, past shows, upcoming projects and dishes on what goes on backstage.

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