Ann Shin is an author, filmmaker and principal of the Fathom Film Group. Her latest book of poetry, The Family China, won the Anne Green Award for innovation in story and narrative form. Ann has been nominated for multiple Gemini Awards, and has produced and directed programs for CBC, Discovery Channel and the History Channel, among others. Her films have won awards at the San Francisco Film Festival, Montreal World Film Festival and the Mumbai International Film Festival. The Fathom Film Group is a company that focuses on critical and thought-provoking narratives across a broad spectrum of media.

Paul was excited to talk to Ann about her most recent documentary, The Defector: Escape from North Korea. A fascinating film that viscerally brings the viewer into the high tension and dangerous world of human smuggling. In addition to her film work, the conversation covered everything from Ann’s background to her poetry to discussing the art of storytelling. Not to be missed.

Find out more about Ann Shin, her latest projects and upcoming appearances on her website:

Ann on Twitter: @annshin.

The Family China is available through Brick Books and Amazon.

The Family China Facebook page: A Smashathon.

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