On this episode of Open Kwong Dore – Pj gets the chance to catch up with a former skater whom she originally cast as part of the Ice Nightmare fund raising group. Jakub Dzamba is all grown up and is now an Architecture PhD candidate at McGill University. Among his many accomplishments is the creation and development of portable and sustainable cricket farms as a way of helping people in ‘food insecure’ situations.

This has led to the start of Third Millennium Farming (www.thirdmillenniumfarming.com).

It’s an interesting concept and apparently other people thought so as well as Dzamba ended up having to defend his ownership of this idea: http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2013-09-12/ownership-of-mcgill-entry-in-hult-prize-called-into-question.

Pj’s squeamishness about bugs notwithstanding, this is an interesting podcast which examines one man’s simple and sustainable solution to the world wide problem of food insecurity.

Follow Jakub and the development of Third Millennium Farming on Twitter: @kub_ohh.