Stacey Agouros calls herself a psychic reader and motivational counselor. Pj and Paul decided that talking to Stacey had the potential for interesting listening.

They were right.

Anastasia Agouros (Stacey’s full name) has been working as a professional psychic from her home in Toronto for the last 16 years. She has been invited to speak across Canada, the United States and Britain. She has made lots of TV appearances and everywhere she goes she happily shares what she sees/feels with her clients.

In this episode of Open Kwong Dore – Pj along with Paul try and unlock the mysteries of psychic experience. Stacey generously explains how and when she started doing what she does.  If you want more information – check out Stacey’s website:

Regardless of what you may believe, with an open mind, this episode may give you food for thought.