Adam Kelly Morton is a man of many talents: writer, actor, producer, director, teacher and author. Originally from Montreal, Adam moved to Toronto to pursue a Master of Fine Arts at York University. Returning to Montreal, Adam co-founded the sketch comedy troupe the Dancing Cock Brothers, which led to him being cast as the lead actor in the comedy series Montreal Hearts. From there, Adam moved into the director’s chair and made the short films Communication Policy and Foreign Language, the latter an official selection of the Soho New York International Film Festival and the Rochester International Film Festival and winner of the Fan Favourite Award at the NDG Off the Wall Film Festival. He recently wrapped his feature film debut Bridges Over Montreal. In addition to his theatre and film credits, Adam founded the I.O. Acting Studio in 2008, which has become an important part of the Montreal community. Adam’s most recent work is the publishing of his play The Anorak, which has won numerous awards, including being named one of the best plays of the year by the Montreal Gazette.

Paul was thrilled to visit Adam at his home in Montreal to sit down and talk about the subject matter of The Anorak, his writing process and his various projects. Adam is truly an inspiring artist who creates work that is honest, insightful and dramatic. Paul always learns  from his interview subjects, but many things Adam talked about have stuck with him. He hopes you enjoy the conversation as much as he did.

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