Tyler Barker is a remarkable young man. Pj’s friend Patrice Barker who also happens to be Tyler’s mother,  was the subject of last week’s podcast and we heard about being the mom of a child with cerebral palsy. Fast forward to this week, and Tyler gets the chance to talk about the world he experiences from his wheelchair.

Tyler said cheekily before the interview that he wanted his chance at a rebuttal. Additionally, he and Pj got the chance to talk about his passion for sports and devotion to advocating for people with physical challenges.

What makes this podcast important is that Tyler candidly reveals some of the challenges that he faces getting around on a daily basis. At the conclusion of this podcast, Patrice, Pj and Tyler went to a local restaurant for dinner. It said it was accessible but how accessible is a restaurant that has the right door of the double door locked on entry and the left one of the next double door also locked and you’re in a wheelchair. Lots to think about. As Tyler pointed out: “Accessible doesn’t mean wider – it means accessible.”

As much as providing food for thought, Tyler Barker has wisdom beyond his years and a great sense of humour.

He’s somebody we might all want to get to know better. Follow him on Twitter @TylerBarker25 or go to his website www.tyler4accessibility.com  – he’s also getting ready to launch his own podcast – will tweet when that happens!