Ronnie Burkett is Canada’s foremost artist in puppet theatre. Originally from Lethbridge, Alberta, Ronnie now calls Toronto home. He formed the Ronnie Burkett Theatre of Marionettes in 1986. Ronnie’s many productions, such as Tinka’s New Dress, Happy, Provenance, 10 Days on Earth, Penny Plain and Billy Twinkle – have won numerous awards including a Village Voice OBIE Award in New York for off-broadway theatre and four citations of excellence in the art of puppetry from the American Center of the Union Internationale de la Marionette. Ronnie has performed around the world and presented his latest work at the 2013 Luminato Festival.

One of the many privileges of producing a podcast is to track down people creating such unique work and to talk to them about their process. Paul felt a great privilege to visit Ronnie in his Toronto studio to talk not just about his career, but many subjects including how artists should take risks in their work and what’s at stake for a creative person. Ronnie is an insightful, intelligent and inspiring person and Paul appreciated the candid conversation.

Check for updates on Ronnie’s upcoming performances on his Facebook page.

During the interview, Ronnie refers to an article Paul wrote after seeing his latest show. You can read the article at this link: Those Damn Puppets!