Almost from the very beginning of this podcast, Pj had it in her mind to speak with Neil Glasberg. As the founder of PBI Sports and Entertainment in Toronto, Neil knows a thing or two about the sports business. He is the guiding voice behind many athletes, pro coaches and broadcasters. It is this successful venture along with Neil’s former incarnation as a business man and motivational speaker that has set the stage for him to shine as this week’s podcast subject.

Pj and Neil met years ago when Neil was the Chairman of Special Olympics Canada where Pj happily volunteers as a PA announcer. This was during Neil’s successful 27 year career in the corporate world where he held high level roles such as the President & CEO of Invis Inc. and Head of Mortgage Services for HSBC Financial Corporation Canada, Senior Vice-President of National Bank Financial Group, BMO Financial Group and as a market executive for General Motors Corporation and OnStar.

Among his many accomplishments, Neil is clearly very proud of his military appointment as Honorary Colonel of the Canadian Armed Forces Military Police Academy.

He is an outstanding speaker who is wildly in demand at conferences, colleges and universities giving talks on “Positive Energy is Positively Contagious” and on “Career Contingency Planning.” Among many other things.

If you want to connect with Neil you can on Twitter @NeilGlasbergPBI or visit his company’s website: