Well it’s almost Olympic time again and for people in the news and information game that means lots of work. CBC Sports is no exception and in the middle of it is the man who is the Senior Producer for the CBC Sports.ca website – Ken Wolff.  Ken is ultimately responsible for the figure skating presence online at the CBC Website and is the man responsible for telling Pj what to do. In other words, Ken Wolff goes where angels fear to tread!

In this amazing digital age where things will have changed at least twice in the time it has taken you to read this intro, Pj thought it would be interesting to get the perspective of a seasoned journalist. Ken was part of the team that started the websites for CBC Newsworld and CBCnews.ca in 1996 and has watched the evolution of information and news delivery on the internet.

Their conversation isn’t limited to websites and social media. They talk about Ken’s early years as a radio producer for Metro Morning and Morningside as well as his contributions as a hockey Dad and as a teacher at Sheridan College.

You can connect with Ken on Twitter @wolffken.