Pj has walked by the Cut n’ Run barbershop on Kingston Road in Toronto maybe a million times. What finally brought her through the door was the story of the shop and its owner Peter Gowdie that she found online (www.werundacut.com and www.werundacut.ca)  while looking to book a haircut for her son-in-law.

Speaking to Peter on the phone, Pj asked if she could come and talk to him about the possibility of being interviewed for a podcast. Entering the barbershop, the thing that was so striking was the relaxed vibe as three barbers worked on their clients while friends hung around shooting the breeze. She introduced herself to Peter and they chatted for a minute. This is a thoughtful man with ambition, vision and an artistic sensibility who expresses himself through hair design. This doesn’t mean that Peter hasn’t had an interesting or easy life by any means, it just means that at his core he came off to Pj as a thinker. The shop reflects his eclectic style and has different kinds of art on the walls with music playing in the background. This was something different for Pj and well worth the effort.

You can connect with Peter Gowdie on Twitter @wurundacut.