Episode 23: Pj Kwong

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Episode 23: Pj Kwong

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Pj KwongNow for something completely different. Pj  was thrilled to be asked to be the keynote speaker for the annual end of season dinner for the Canadian Federation of University Women (Leaside Chapter) in May 2013. Wondering what to talk about, she settled on bits and pieces from her life on the ice, off the ice and everywhere in between. The OpenKwongDore creative team aka the Board of Directors  aka Pj and Paul wondered how well a podcast would work if it were recorded live on Pj’s trusty digital recorder? We’re about to find out. With apologies in advance for the sound quality and the fact that Pj was interrupted by the sound guy at the venue who had forgotten to replace the batteries in the hand held mic — Here’s Pj – talking – and talking – about her life…

Website: Pj Kwong.

Twitter: @skatingpj.


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May 28, 2013at 1:38 am

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July 12, 2013at 12:22 pm

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