Episode 15: Mrs. Ellen Burka Part Two

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Episode 15: Mrs. Ellen Burka Part Two

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This is the second part of Paul’s conversation with the legendary Mrs. Ellen Burka. She discusses her coaching career, specifically with previous Open Kwong Dore guest Toller Cranston. Not to be missed.


Carol Hopper

April 3, 2013at 2:10 am

Thanks for this!

    Mary Lou

    April 20, 2013at 11:46 pm

    Carol I met you at the NHK in Nagano just before the Olympics.

Mary Lou

April 3, 2013at 1:31 pm

Thank you. Listening to this story is time well spent.


April 3, 2013at 5:18 pm

A true legend and extraordinary woman in her own right. Thank you for this!

Helen Shields

April 16, 2013at 5:19 pm

What an increible interview with an amazing
women who have had the pleasure to know!!!

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