Episode 13: Toller Cranston

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Episode 13: Toller Cranston

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Photo by Rod MacIvor

Toller Cranston. The man needs almost no introduction. A figure skating icon, he is a man who considers himself to be “an artist who skates”.

Toller was the Canadian men’s figure skating champion from 1971 – 1976. He won a bronze at the World Figure Skating Championships in 1974 and an Olympic bronze medal in 1976.

He is widely credited with having helped to launch the artistic side of figure skating for the men. His many accolades for figure skating led him to being inducted into the Canadian and World Figure Skating Halls of Fame, The Olympic Hall of Fame as well as being named an Athlete of The Year. Toller was also made a member of the Order of Canada.  In London at Worlds is where Pj caught up with him. Toller was in town to promote his art at the invitation of Skate Canada. For more information on Toller, visit www.tollercranstonart.com or Art Evolution, who are representing Toller’s works worldwide.



March 26, 2013at 6:42 am

Great to have the opportunity to learn more about such an interesting person.

Kathy Gillis

March 27, 2013at 1:17 pm

I so enjoyed the interview w/ Toller Cranston.
Wish it was aired so we could have seen both of you instead of just listening to it. I was a skater and followed him and his career for yrs. He was my first crush at prob. 13 and just cried when he finished his programs it was so fantastic and different than other skaters during that era. Such an artist in skating, art, and life. Love to see what he was wearing too.


March 28, 2013at 11:35 am

The artistic side of skating was launched by Jackson Haines (1840-75) many years before Toller was even born. I t would be more accurate in the preface to the interview to say Toller continued to develop the artistic side of skating. Haines was known as the first skater to incorporate ballet and dance movements into his skating, as opposed to focusing on tracing patterns on the ice. He used his ballet background to create graceful programs, and introduced accompanying music, a new concept at the time.
Love your interviews and hope they are being protected for prosperity

Louella Rehfield

March 29, 2013at 5:03 pm

Toller single-handedly changed men’s figure skating forever. Oh, that we could go back to those days. Meanwhile, he is an exraordinary artist. So much talent packed into one man. Bless you always Toller.

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April 20, 2013at 11:37 pm

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