Adrienne Arsenault is a foreign correspondent for the CBC with a list of accomplishments as long as your arm. She won the 2005 Commonwealth Broadcasting Association’s Journalist of the Year. She has several Gemini awards as well as awards from the American Society of Professional Journalists, the Radio and Television News Directors Association and the New York and Columbus Festivals.

Before all that, Adrienne was the eagerly anticipated bundle of joy down the street belonging to Pj Kwong’s Auntie Bette and Uncle Ray. Their families were close for a time when they were children. As is sometimes the case, adults lose touch so it wasn’t until Pj came off the set from a figure skating hit for CBC news that Adrienne and Pj came into contact after decades apart. There’s always something fun when you get the chance to re-connect with somebody “who knew you when.” From afar, Pj had been fascinated by Adrienne’s professional life and stints that have taken her to the heart of some of the most interesting and important stories of our time. This podcast was a great opportunity to really get behind some of those experiences.