eugene2Eugene Draw, aka Dr. Draw, calls himself a violinist. But he’s much more than that: promoter, producer, performer, world traveller – a renaissance man. He started busking on the streets as a kid and after plugging in his electric violin, Eugene hit the clubs, bringing his music across the globe. His unique vision can be heard on his albums: Train 64, Adagio, Distinctively Unclassified and The City. His live shows are not just renowned for the music, but as a true exploratory experience. With every show, as Dr. Draw says, he channels his vulnerability, displaying a singular voice and vision through his violin. Check out his music on iTunes, including his latest release, Copper Moon. As for his doctorate, you’ll find out in his interview with Paul, where Eugene talks about his musical inspiration, deconstructing the classics, the music business and what it takes to be a true independent artist.

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