Episode 9: Elvis Stojko Part One

  • February 25, 2013

Elvis Stojko is a seven-time Canadian men’s champion, three-time World champion and two-time Olympic silver medallist. He was born and raised just north of Toronto and has gone down in figure skating history as the first man to land a quadruple toe/double toe combination in competition in 1991. He followed up with another first when he did a quadruple toe/triple toe in competition in 1997. Beyond the boards, Elvis has created a life for himself which has included a mastery of martial arts, acting, singing, coaching and his current passion as a race driver. Part one of this two part interview focuses on Elvis, how he grew up and his early success.

Elvis Stojko’s official website: elvisstojko.net Follow Elvis on Twitter @Therealstojko


  • Gail

    • Feb 26, 2013

    Very much enjoyed this interview with Elvis, and also always enjoyed his skating style in competition.

  • Ann

    • Feb 27, 2013

    It was great to hear from Elvis – I liked this interview very much. It was upbeat with interesting stories from the man himself. Hearing how the artists, writers, athletes started down the path that led them to their success is alway good listening. I will be anxious to hear the second part soon. Keep up the good work!!!

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