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    A podcast for curious people.

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    Open Kwong Dore Podcast Episode 182: Chris Hindmarch-Watson

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    Learn more about our new podcast.

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    @SkatingPj Podcast Episode 18: Breaking the Ice

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Open Kwong Dore Media

Open Kwong Dore Media is a partnership between Pj Kwong and Paul Dore. It all began a few years ago when they made their first recordings together. These recordings would become the Open Kwong Dore Podcast. As this podcast grew, Paul and Pj felt is was time to expand the project into other areas. With two podcasts and counting, plus offering our expertise to those that want to create their own show through our Podcasting 101 services, who knows what’s next!


The Open Kwong Dore Podcast will be released every two weeks. It’s the same podcast listeners have enjoyed with more of a general focus on culture and sharing the stories of interesting people.


The @skatingPJ Podcast will also be released every two weeks. Pj will take you inside – and outside – the world of figure skating. @skatingPJ Podcast is all skating, all the time.

Open Kwong Dore Podcast

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@skating PJ Podcast

A podcast all about figure skating, all the time.


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