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Episode 119: Kurt Browning & Geoffrey Tyler

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When Pj first heard from friend and colleague Kurt Browning that he and Geoffrey Tyler were going to be taking on their biggest creative challenge yet, she was intrigued. Upon further investigation, she found out that the project they would be working on is everybody’s favourite skating show: Stars on Ice. This year marks the

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Episode 118: Debbi Wilkes

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Pj had set her sights on a podcast with Debbi Wilkes a long time ago, and the fact that this is coming at the start of the figure skating World championships is somehow apropos. As a leading voice in the figure skating community, Debbi’s perspective is from a number of different angles. First and foremost

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Episode 117: Gilad Cohen

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Gilad Cohen first became connected to human rights issues when he traveled to North Korea in 2008. Although he didn’t witness human rights abuses firsthand, the trip inspired him to learn more about the country. What he learned horrified him. Since then, Gilad has been actively involved in the human rights scene while volunteering with

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Episode 116: Sally Rehorick

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Sally Rehorick is a busy person. The trick to catching her for an interview is being in the same place at the same time. Sally has spent much of her career as a university educator and researcher in the area of second language acquisition, educational models for learning languages, program evaluation, policy development and adult

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Episode 115: Stories We Don’t Tell

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This episode features another instalment of the Stories We Don’t Tell monthly event. Recorded live in February, the event included personal stories from Wafa Ktaech, David Hostetter, Jeanette Stock, Daryn Caister and Stefan Hostetter. Stories We Don’t Tell originated from Let’s Get Personal, a writing group started by Brianne Benness. Every two weeks we share personal

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Episode 114: Murray Anderson

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When you look around at any sporting event, school function or community activity, what you may notice first are the hustling and bustling adults making it all happen. For figure skating, the sport would not be able to function without them. Pj calls these people the sport’s unsung heroes and her podcast this week focuses

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