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Latest Episodes


Episode 136: Annick Mitchell

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There is a big difference between interior design and interior decorating. In this fascinating podcast, Pj and long-time friend Annick Mitchell discuss the importance of the space around us. Annick talks about the planning, execution and the cultural and emotional benchmarks that need to be considered when working in the field of interior design. Annick

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Episode 135: The Walking Man Revisited

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Last February, co-host and co-producer of the Open Kwong Dore Podcast Paul Dore, released his debut novel The Walking Man. The book launch took place at the Centre for Social Innovation and was a multi-media extravaganza, including videos, music, live storytelling and a treadmill. This episode features what happened on that night, with special musical

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Episode 134: Komi Olaf

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Komi  Olaf is a visual artist, poet and spoken word artist. As a master’s graduate of Architecture from Carleton University, his training as an architect directly influenced and continues to influence his work as a painter and spoken word artist. His work is a direct representation of his character and experiences. He strives to create unique, inspirational and

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Episode 133: Stories We Don’t Tell

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This episode features another instalment of the Stories We Don’t Tell monthly event. Recorded live in June, the event included personal stories from Stefan Hostetter, Erin Kang, Paul Dore, Brianne Benness and Jonathan Finny. We also want to thank special musical guest Arlene Paculan, who played a few songs throughout the evening (you’ll hear this previous

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Episode 132: Sam Mullins

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Sam Mullins is an Award-winning writer and performer based in Toronto. As a storyteller, Sam has contributed to This American Life, The Moth Radio Hour, Definitely Not the Opera and RISK! He also writes comedy for the CBC sketch program The Irrelevant Show. Sam’s critically-acclaimed one-person shows Tinfoil Dinosaur, Weaksauce and The Untitled Sam Mullins

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Episode 131: Ahmad Ktaech

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Ahmad Ktaech is a self-taught passionpreneur. He’s obsessed with how things work and captivated by the impact design, technology and marketing has on people. Ahmad has provided leadership in the digital space for Fortune 500 companies, consumer brands, political campaigns, startups, government and not-for-profits across all markets. His specialties include: Digital Design, Product Development, User

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