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Episode 127: Cheryl Stuart

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One early morning before work, Pj and Cheryl Stuart met in a quiet office at George Brown College to record this podcast. The week before, these two strangers had been in a cafeteria line and struck up a conversation. It was on the strength of this conversation that Pj decided to ask Cheryl if she

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Episode 126: Cheryl Izen

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Pj first met Cheryl Izen last fall while on a site visit excursion for work. Always on the hunt for a kindred spirit, Pj saw Cheryl’s sense of humour as the first hint that they had something in common. Among many other roles in life, Cheryl has been a red carpet manager at events like

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Episode 125: Laura-Louise Tobin

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Laura-Louise Tobin is the Executive Producer of The Raconteurs, a storytelling event held monthly in Toronto. Raconteurs brings people together to share real-life stories on stage without notes. They strive to ignite the storyteller in everyone. Raconteurs was originally launched by Laura-Louise and Alicia Merchant in 2009 as MothUP Toronto, an affiliate of the well-known

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Episode 124: Stories We Don’t Tell

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This episode features another instalment of the Stories We Don’t Tell monthly event. Recorded live in April, the event includes personal stories from Alena Cawthorne, Wafa Ktaech, Stefan Hostetter, and John Fin. Stories We Don’t Tell originated from Let’s Get Personal, a writing group started by Brianne Benness. Every two weeks we shared (and continue to

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Episode 123: Graham Isador

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Graham Isador is a writer, journalist, performer, storyteller and Artistic Director of Pressgang Theatre. Starting as a music journalist in his teens, Graham soon moved into theatre. He found the perfect intersection of his talents and desire to perform in the storytelling scene. Graham started the storytelling event Love and Smut a few years ago,

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Episode 122: Cecil Bleiker

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Pj wanted to snag Cecil Bleiker for a podcast because he is one of those ‘behind the scenes’ sports people that have the best stories. Cecil got his start at Texas A & M University, where he graduated with a degree in kinesiology, specializing in sports management. His university experience has led to a long

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