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Episode 110: Paul Dore

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Paul, the co-producer and co-host of the Open Kwong Dore Podcast, will be releasing his debut novel The Walking Man on February 2nd, 2015. Pj wanted to turn the tables on Paul and interview him about how this book came about, his writing process and his unique plans on his performance-based book launch. The Walking

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Episode 109: Eric Radford

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If you’re a skating fan – you will undoubtedly know Eric Radford, who, along with partner Meagan Duhamel, holds three national pair titles, two world bronze medals, a Four Continents title and a Grand Prix Final title. There is depth to Eric’s creativity that extends way past the boards. Among many other things, he is

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Episode 108: Dr. Michael Zitney

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If you have ever had a headache, try imagining a headache that goes on for days, weeks, months or years. As a migraine sufferer, Pj was interested in speaking with Toronto-are pain specialist Dr. Michael Zitney about the myths and treatments surrounding chronic pain. Dr. Zitney is the director of the Headache and Pain Relief

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Episode 107: Stories We Don’t Tell

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This episode features another instalment of the Stories We Don’t Tell monthly event. Recorded live in November, the event included personal stories from Stefan Hostetter, Paul Dore, Brianne Benness, Will Mattfeld-Sarbaugh and Wafa Ktaech. Stories We Don’t Tell originated from Let’s Get Personal, a writing group started by Brianne. Every two weeks we share personal stories about

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Episode 106: Karen Sebesta

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The TV business is filled with unsung heroes who are literally staying up day and night to make sure that your favourite shows make it to air. This is especially true of people like Karen Sebesta, who works in the world of live sports television. Karen is a senior producer for CBC Sports and someone

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Episode 105: Ghost Stories Told Live

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We’re always up to something new on the podcast. Last week’s episode featured True Stories Told Live curator Marsha Shandur and Paul mentioned that he told a story at one of her events. While recording the introductions for Marsha’s episode, Pj floated the idea of Paul recording this story and sharing it on the podcast. Paul

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