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  • Episode 89: Stefan Hostetter
  • Episode 88: Rob Shirkey
  • Episode 87: Lindsay Fischer, Part Two
  • Episode 86: Lindsay Fischer, Part One
  • Episode 85: Parapan Am Games
  • Episode 84: Patrick Chan
  • Episode 83: Rob Salem
  • Episode 82: The Walking Man
  • Episode 81: Tonya Surman
  • Episode 80: Ryan Stevens
  • Episode 79: Kevin Kennedy
  • Episode 78: Amanda Barbara
  • Episode 77: Helen Croza
  • Episode 76: David Dore, Part Two
  • Episode Seventy-Five: David Dore, Part One
  • Episode Seventy-Four: Deanna Wright
  • Episode Seventy-Three: Mysterion the Mindreader
  • Episode Seventy-Two: Susie McGrigor
  • Episode Seventy-One: Mello Ayo & Paul Dore
  • Episode Seventy: Dr. Sarah Pash
  • Episode Sixty-Nine: Daniel Clay
  • Episode Sixty-Eight: Alexander Orlov
  • Episode Sixty-Seven: Kate Caithness
  • Episode Sixty-Six: Ines Marchand
  • Episode Sixty-Five: Robert Fothergill
  • Episode Sixty-Four: Al Tompkins
  • Episode Sixty-Three: Dr. Jane Moran
  • Episode Sixty-Two: Sochi, Part Three
  • Episode Sixty-One: Sochi, Part Two
  • Episode Sixty: Sochi, Part One
  • Episode Fifty-Nine: Donald Jackson
  • Episode Fifty-Eight: Tricia Lee
  • Episode Fifty-Seven: David Wilson
  • Episode Fifty-Six: Dick Bezic
  • Episode Fifty-Five: Petra Burka
  • Episode Fifty-Four: Dr. Amanda Wintink
  • Episode Fifty-Three: Elizabeth Manley
  • Episode Fifty-Two: Cary West
  • Episode Fifty-One: Jeffrey Buttle
  • Episode Fifty: Claire Wynveen
  • Episode Forty-Nine: Rebecca Babb
  • Episode Forty-Eight: Heather Neville
  • Episode Forty-Seven: Jessica Tudos
  • Episode Forty-Six: Raj Misir
  • Episode Forty-Five: John DeNottbeck
  • Episode Forty-Four: Mello Ayo
  • Episode Forty-Three: David Pelletier
  • Episode Forty-Two: Daniel Bennett
  • Episode Forty-One: Ann Shin
  • Episode Forty: Anson Henry
  • Episode Thirty-Nine: Jakub Dzamba
  • Episode Thirty-Eight: Stacey Agouros
  • Episode Thirty-Seven: Adam Kelly Morton
  • Episode Thirty-Six: Tyler Barker
  • Episode Thirty-Five: Patrice Barker
  • Episode Thirty-Four: Ronnie Burkett
  • Episode Thirty-Three: Neil Glasberg
  • Episode Thirty-Two: Geoffrey Tyler
  • Episode Thirty-One: Jeffrey Orridge
  • Episode Thirty: Sandra Bezic
  • Episode Twenty-Nine: Sister Norita
  • Episode Twenty-Eight: Ken Wolff
  • Episode Twenty-Seven: Peter Gowdie
  • Episode Twenty-Six: David Ford
  • Episode Twenty-Five: Beverley Smith
  • Episode Twenty-Four: Riki Turofsky
  • Episode Twenty-Three: Pj Kwong
  • Episode Twenty-Two: Pat Williams
  • Episode Twenty-One: Alexander Lakernik and Steve Dong
  • Episode Twenty: Scott Russell
  • Episode Nineteen: Marina Zoueva
  • Episode Eighteen: Andrea Ramolo
  • Episode Seventeen: Jamie Sale
  • Episode Sixteen: Kate Fenton and Adam Seybold
  • Episode Fifteen: Mrs. Ellen Burka Part Two
  • Episode Fourteen: Mrs. Ellen Burka Part One
  • Episode Thirteen: Toller Cranston
  • Episode Twelve: Adrienne Arsenault
  • Episode Eleven: Dr. Draw
  • Episode Ten: Elvis Stojko Part Two
  • Episode Nine: Elvis Stojko Part One
  • Episode Eight: John Rait
  • Episode Seven: Philippa Dowding
  • Episode Six: Gord Stellick
  • Episode Five: Arlene Paculan
  • Episode Four: Perdita Felicien
  • Episode Three: Kurt Browning Part Two
  • Episode Two: Kurt Browning Part One
  • Episode One: Introductions
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Published December 18, 2012 at 6:22 pm - 1 Comment

There are several ways to listen or download the podcast: 1. Listen through the player included on each posting. 2. Go to this LINK that takes you to the iTunes store online. 3. Search for Open Kwong Dore Podcast in the iTunes Store. 4. Click on the ITUNES link in the main menu, which will bring you […] IWEBIX Webdesign


Published December 17, 2012 at 7:05 pm - No Comments

Pj Kwong is a self-proclaimed Word Broker who goes by the motto: I read them. I write them. I speak them. A fascination with other languages and a bilingual start to her education has helped carve a successful career as a PA announcer at 5 Olympic Games among many other events. The 25+ years as […]

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